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Sorry, folks, I’ve been crazy busy and haven’t made time for an update. Here it is!

DEAD SHOT Post-Launch Report: Simply put, by very modest standards, it’s a smash hit! Okay, smashier than CROSSED OUT. I’m pleased to report that since my sneaky soft launch date of 3/18/2018, DEAD SHOT has sold at least 1 copy per day (through March 31) and had at least 1 Kindle Unlimited page read per day (Through April 3). The numbers are even better than I’m making them sound. Here are the stats just for March:

eBooks sold: 39

Paperbacks sold: 4

Kindle Unlimited pages read: 12160 (that’s the equivalent of nearly 35 additional copies, and yes, Bill, you’re part of that, and I appreciate it!)

Countries reached: 5 known (USA, Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand)

Whoa! It’s been thrilling to see this book take flight. There will be more!

Progress Updates: I have a few irons in the fire writing-wise. Due to the book launch I didn’t make loads of progress on the sequel to CROSSED OUT, but slow and steady is good too. I’m looking to bump up the word count this week.

Eagle-eyed observers might be wondering why there is a page-count thermometer for “Trilogy #2”. “When was there ever a Book One,” they might ask. Well! I’m pleased to tease the news here that the first book I ever wrote is finally nearing publication. The Spaces Between Us is the first installment in the trilogy, and I’ll have more to say about that later. Back when I wrote it, I started to write the next book while I was on a roll but set it aside to write CROSSED OUT. I was amazed to see a 30K word count when I opened the dusty draft!

Therefore, I am going to A/B my writing time (which I am late to start as I type this) between the Ana Lode sequel and the trilogy middle. They’re very different books, so it takes some adjustment to hop from one to the other.

Diane Pembrook #2: Yes, she’ll be back too in another solo adventure, filling in more of her thrilling backstory. It even has a title before the first draft sentence has been written! I’m looking at a finished book no later than Halloween, I’d say. Don’t forget about her!

Seriously, I’m late for my writing session, so stay tuned for more updates! Thanks to everybody for your support. I’m working hard to max out your Kindles, or bookshelves, or whatever you’re using.

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