Photos from the Field: November 2017 Edition

I was too slow on the draw to get this up before the month ended, so here it is a few days later. I take photos from time to time, and here are a select few, with the intent of adding some variety to offset my usual progress updates as I write several manuscripts.


For the record, I don’t normally snap photos in restrooms, but this is a notable exception, because unbeknownst to most Epcot visitors (I dare say), between the Canada and UK pavilions in the World Showcase, there is what I call in our videos “The Gates of Mordor”, which leads to an event center (usually closed) and off to the left, there are restrooms. The men’s side is HUGE. I thought Norway was the champion of huge restrooms at Epcot. No! So yeah, if they’re open and you need a guaranteed stall, head here.


Speaking of Disney Cred™, I really need to get a haircut, and need to get my photo done not just for books, but for this site. One evening at the Magic Kingdom I had Jaime snap some photos but none of them made the cut to use full time. Here’s one for posterity.


I took a day off from work recently to do inventory at Jaime’s company, because money, that’s why. Also free food. Also togetherness, to her chagrin when she was trying to do reports or whatever.


I saw this at Tren-D (?) recently, and if you thought Star Wars couldn’t possibly be mashed up with any other sci-fi property, well, you’re wrong. Thanks, X-Files! (And… if Princess Leia’s ship crashed on Earth, this could be technically correct. The shirt actually said “Rebel” but the folds made this gag possible.)


Some of the magical decor at the Abracadabar.


Me trying out the “pro” settings on my phone’s camera.

That’s all for November! Here’s to taking more random pics throughout December.

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