Notes from the Field: January 22 2018

To borrow a favorite word from a former schoolmate, I’m exhaustipated.

Short ‘n sweet this week. I finished the initial draft of Dead Shot: A Diane Pembrook Thriller, and have begin doing spot edits. Meanwhile, I have a couple of beta readers on the case, seeking out clever typos and judging the readability factor of the story.

I am wayyyyy too close to the material to be objective, except for typo patrol or fixing niggling word choice errors. If you ask me right now this minute what I’d think of a 5-star review, I’d be gravely insulted. I kid. Ish. Speaking of kids, this is my third complete manuscript (meaning novel-length) in 8 months. Contemplate that stat for a moment, while I face-plant on my keyboard.

Not to be all apples v. oranges up in here, but I think I’m creatively postpartum. Yeah, I’ll ugly baby you, how about that? /cries

Anyway, I made zero progress on Arbor, sent out an email blast to my subscribers – sign up form is at the top of this article, join in, it’s free, and sold a few copies of Crossed Out. I literally spent my last dollar (which isn’t saying much) on an email blast promotion on this coming Tuesday through RR Books. I’m hoping to move the needle forward with some awareness raising with the thriller-reading crowd.

Okay, seriously, I need to decompress. Back to regular order this week starting Monday. Have a good one!

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