Milestones! I have reached them!

I’m back from a 3-day weekend at Disney World… barely!

I’ve been waiting on pins and needles for this day to come. I’m happy to report today marks a solid 30 days of Kindle Unlimited page reads!

KU stats

My mind is blown at the realization somebody somewhere has been reading (skimming?) at least 1 page written by me for a month. Someday I’ll be immune to stats like these, but just starting out, things are new and surprising.

Also: I hit 40K in something, finally. Unfortunately, that something is the second installment of a forthcoming trilogy, NOT the next installment in the Ana Lode series. Oh well, one must follow the creative energies wherever they lead. I’m still moving forward with Ana Lode’s next story, I just haven’t hit any notable milestones yet. Now that I’m in-between trips I’m hoping to be more productive writing-wise.

Short ‘n sweet update this time. More later! Enjoy your week.

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