Get Me Rewrite!

Don’t you hate it when you’re plowing through the initial draft of a novel-length manuscript and you have to throw half of it away? UGH, me too!

Fans of CROSSED OUT might not want to hear this, but I just experienced a huge setback. Normally, I plow through the initial draft of any given title and then make developmental edits and cull typos, etc. Well, my luck ran out and I have to scrap a bunch of material in order to repair the story beats and get back on track. This stinks as I expected to be much farther along, but them’s the breaks. On the up side, you, the reader, will have a much better book to read when that day arrives.

The book will be released in Summer 2018 barring any further catastrophes. I figure if I get it done in less time than George RR Martin, I’m doing very well.

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