Editing DEAD SHOT with an Author Proof Copy

Dead Shot: A Diane Pembrook Novel is creeping ever closer to launch day, and to that end, I am using a technique I learned from William Aicher: Order up an author proof copy of your paperback in progress, and red-pencil it until it sings.

Dead Shot Back cover placeholder

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Anyway, I wasn’t sure how useful this method would be, especially as I am very skittish about throwing good money after bad at the publishing process. Well, for $9 (including shipping) I have to say, it’s well worth the expense.

Edits 1

I am literally going line by line through the book and either putting a dot/dash (my red pencil is finicky) next to the line for “all clear,” or a red X to signal the line that needs editing. Then I make a squiggle mark at the bottom outside corner so I can spot which page needs fixing when I edit the production manuscript.

Edits 2

All clear! 350+ more pages to go.

As Bill Aicher says, not only do you get to experience your draft copy in print to get a sneak preview of your eventual finished product, but the read-through very much puts you in “reader mode” and catches awkward phrasing, etc that e-versions or Word documents don’t always convey.

I am determined to find every last typo and irregularity, as I want the quality of this book to be spectacular, in every way. Back to the trenches!

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