Ana Lode #2 Production Update: March 12 2018

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(Formerly “Notes from the Field”. I’ve decided to be more focused with my blog posts.)

Ana Lode fans rejoice! Okay, Klark fans rejoice! Whoever you’re a fan of in the world of Crossed Out will be back and badder than ever in book 2. It even has a title and full production cover (well, the eBook one; still need to write the back cover blurb someday)!

I officially hit the 10000 word mark on Sunday night, which means this is officially A Thing™. I’m anticipating a June or July release date. Actually, let’s say July. That would make it 6 months between installments. However, stay tuned for the formal release date announcement right here on this site.

I’ll be honest: Book 2 took some doing to wrangle in a coherent direction. I’m kinda miffed because I have the book all plotted out and have all sorts of notes in my official notebook concerning plot and character details, but it just isn’t pouring out of me like Crossed Out did. It helped to dial up the music mix that started it all. Suddenly the words were flowing and the characters sprang to life!

I am taking the opportunity to close up a few Book 1 loose ends before Book 2 leaves them in the dirt. I feel like the pacing is herky-jerky but it’s going to be pedal to the metal soon. Readers will hopefully appreciate the breather before the jets fire up.

Also, this is the FIRST DRAFT. I’m being way too hard on myself.

Anyway, it’s shaping up to be quite a year for Ana Lode and Diane Pembrook. I can’t wait for Dead Shot to formally launch. I’m very pleased with how it turned out and frankly, it’s a high bar to clear when writing Ana Lode book 2 or anything else.

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