Writing Update

It’s been a long time since I had something to report that wasn’t a book launch. I’m pleased to announce I finally hit 40,000+ words in the sequel to Crossed Out: An Ana Lode Thriller.

I’ve been hard on myself about how long it is taking to put up big word count numbers, but to be fair:

  • I’ve released 4 books in 6 months.

  • I am writing two books concurrently. The next installment of the Purity Trilogy is humming along (around 50K words as of this update), and despite throttling my output to favor the next Ana Lode book, I’m still moving the needle. Fear not, book fans, more are on the way.

  • We took a trip to the west coast recently and I took some time off to re-center myself during a creative trough. It helped.

I’m targeting Labor Day to launch the next book. If it is sooner, that’s fantastic. Stay tuned for more progress updates as they merit comment.


Dead Shot is on the rise! I found my Amazon AMS sweet spot, apparently, and as a result Dead Shot is beginning to attract a domestic readership. I’m very excited to see more people discover this book. Jaime is always wondering aloud why it’s not a smash hit. She touts it as my best book to date. I’m too close to the action to make such a declaration.

The Spaces Between Us is off to a, well, less than auspicious start. Rather than flip out about it, I’m trying to be philosophical and practice patience. After all, how many things become overnight sensations after years of toiling in the background? Maybe more people will take an interest in it when the next installment of the trilogy is released, which should be sometime in November, based on current forecasting.

Verbal feedback from beta readers has been overwhelmingly positive, but I’ve been struggling to find the bumper-sticker phrase that will spur on readers to give it a try. I’m still chipping away at the marketing. It’s free on Kindle Unlimited. Why not take a look, while I hack together tag lines? As with any of my books, if you do take a notion and read it end to end, please consider leaving an honest review at Amazon or Goodreads. Your feedback helps me improve as an author, and helps readers discover new titles. Thanks for your support!

Just like riding a bike: Jaime and I have taken up renting bikes at Disney World. Passholders get a discount. As one of the cast members told us, bike rentals are one of the least expensive activities on Disney property. We’ve been enjoying the woodsy scenery as we pedal around the Wilderness Lodge and the adjacent Fort Wilderness campgrounds. We even saw baby turkeys! Also deer.


Jaime and I have been much more outdoorsy since moving to Florida, despite the heat.

Well, back to writing. Hope June has been going well for all of you.

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