What’s Your Motivation?

Photo by Mack Fox

Hello from rainy Central Florida. The storms have been kicking up something fierce lately. Sorry to all who might be experiencing drought or similar, but we’re the “lucky” ones getting dumped on these days.

I mention this as I’ve been marveling at a young lady in my neighborhood that apparently skates every day without fail, barring some sort of sideways rain situation, and even then I’m not sure she’s not just rolling backward and I can’t see her.

That’s the extent to my knowledge of this person. I only speak to her in brief sentences, like, “I didn’t think you’d be out today,” or “Wow, the second the ground is dry, boom, there you are.” She just smiles and skates off.

If I could get her to stop for a moment and converse, I’d ask why she does it. Is it her favorite form of exercise? Is she in training for something? (Not sure about that one – she only skates forward and seems to be grinding out the basics, as I once did on the Olympic Oval in West Allis, WI.) My suspicion, and perhaps that’s just the writer in me talking, is she has strict parents (or a single parent) who doesn’t want her too far out of sight for any number of reasons, and this is her one and only chance to get out that doesn’t involve school. This is pure conjecture on my part.

Today we got “monsooned” – sideways rain and all – and I didn’t expect to see her out today. However, when it was time to take the dogs on their nightly walk, I heard a sharp grinding and sloshing sounds and there she went, skating with a determined air about her.

Ever since taking notice of this girl, what with her daily routine, I’ve noticed she’s less wobbly on her skates and better at stopping, such as when my dog appears unexpectedly. Whatever the reason for this practice, she appears happy doing it, or exhausted in the 100F-plus heat but gutting it out anyway.

I find her oddly inspirational. She grinds it out, day by day. I have no idea what her aim is, but I do see steady improvement as she goes along. Does this not apply to say, we authors who sit down to write our various projects bit by bit? Improvement comes by putting in the effort. I am taking this inspiration straight into tonight’s writing session as a pivotal scene is waiting to burst forth onto the page.

Steady as you go. Have an enjoyable, and inspired week.

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