THE SPOILS OF WAR Progress Report

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Hello everyone, I’m back with another update. I’ve been working on two books and getting some traveling in lately, which makes things interesting in the arbitrary deadlines department. Today I want to catch everyone up with what’s happening with THE SPOILS OF WAR.

The teaser reads like so:

Complications arise as Ana Lode seeks to free Sloan from The Thirteen.

Boy, that filled a thimble, huh? Well, there’s more to it than that, I’m happy to say, but on the down side I also have to admit writing this book hasn’t been going particularly well. I really thought I was hitting my stride around the 36000-word mark, but ennnhhh, it’s just not “it”, you know? I realize this can seem like I’m being a ridiculous perfectionist but in this case, I’m not. I want readers to be excited about the story, and frankly at the moment it’s meandering. That’s not what this series is supposed to deliver.

Case in point: Despite being my best selling title to date, my sister HATED Dead Shot. Okay, maybe that’s a bit strong, but she was frustrated that the pacing was different and wasn’t, to paraphrase and condense her feedback, “Like an action movie.” Crossed Out was built on a movie screenplay template (as was Dead Shot, actually) and while I thought my game plan was solid for Book Two, well, it wasn’t. Like the quickie teaser upthread it fell short of the mark.

To drive the point home, Ana and some new characters spent chapters(!) roaming around the sewers. We’ve been there. We’ve read that. (In far fewer words.) What’s new? Where is this story going besides around in circles, through the sewers again?

But! The good news is, I know it’s going wrong and can do something about it. Rather than constantly play around with release dates, let’s say “coming soon” and when the big day comes (I do expect it to still be 2018 when it arrives) you will know it’s well up to snuff. Jaime hopes that means Ana gets snuffed by Diane, who she much prefers between the two characters.

Thus: The story is being fixed up, Ana is NOT going to roam the sewers for days, and all your favorite characters will be back, better than ever. I think giving Ana loads of “alone time” helped me see how important the supporting cast is to the greater story arc. (Emphasis on “support”. I tried to suppress Klark, but when I found a way to sneak him back into the narrative, good grief, the story came alive again! Lesson learned, painfully.)

I’m looking forward to sharing more progress reports and some teasers from the drafts. Want to get the best stuff first? That’s right, join the newsletter list. Fast, free, easy, and something to read while you’re waiting for my next new release. What’s not to like? Besides Ana Lode crawling around the sewers for what feels like 30 chapters. Ugh, get me rewrite!

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