Notes from the Field: January 29 2018

The things! They keep happening!

  • Numbers first:

    Crossed Out: An Ana Lode Thriller books sold to date: 5 eBooks, 18 paperbacks

    Dead Shot: A Diane Pembrook Thriller word count: 72K (completed initial draft)

    Arbor word count: 29.8K (completed initial draft)

  • What all that means:

    • For Crossed Out, slow and steady wins the race, he lied to himself. Truly, it’s a debut release so I’m not expecting chart-topping performance but at all times, I welcome it.
    • For Dead Shot, I’m 2 drafts away from production. Either March 1 or April 1. March might be too aggressive based on lessons learned from Crossed Out. Plus, my siblings have both read the initial draft, and I have quite a few pages of notes concerning revisions. All good! It’s helpful to catch areas that need punching up or clarity early.
    • For Arbor, I’m 2 drafts away from two-stage production. The eBook version will be “permafree” to newsletter subscribers, and the paperback will be released circa March 1. Hence the scheduling conflict with Dead Shot. The puzzle pieces will eventually snap together, no sweat. (He says, sweating.)
  • Now’s a good time as any to plug Arbor, if you missed my post from the other day:

    Promo image

  • We went to Disney World on Saturday for Jaime’s birthday, and stuffed ourselves on not one but TWO huge meals. We did the Tangled/Little Mermaid breakfast at Trattoria al Forno, then the Hoop de Doo 6 hours later for dinner (4pm show). Doh! I wasn’t hungry again until 3pm on Sunday.


    She even got in a visit with Talking Mickey, including him singing “Happy Birthday” to her:

    Mickey Mouse

  • And finally, finishing two initial drafts about a week apart was emotionally draining for me. I normally work on one project at a time, but I’m drinking the “permafree” kool-aid in the interest of science, and once this one-off is completed, I’ll start writing the next installment in the Ana Lode series. I have already begun to plot it out. Looks promising!

Hope this week finds you well. We won’t have January to kick around much longer.

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