Notes from the Field: January 15 2018

Hey hey hey, what’s going down, y’all?

  • Numbers first: Crossed Out, An Ana Lode Thriller is selling through slowly but surely. The breakdown (including Kindle Unlimited) is 6-14, favoring paperbacks. Once again, if you’re looking to self-publish, and aren’t considering a paperback option, that’s money you’re leaving on the table.

    I think I figured out Amazon Sponsored Ads. I went from “well, this sucks” to “WHOA! 2500 impressions!” in three days, after learning some things. I have officially spent 89 cents in ads, with no ad-generated sales (so far).

  • Dead Shot: A Diane Pembrook Thriller has pushed, clawed, and scraped its way to being “back on target.” I just cleared the 60K mark late Sunday night. Hallelujah! This keeps it on pace to be completed by March 2018. No pressure.

    Arbor has cleared 20K. I’m in the home stretch. I figure it will top out around 25K, so next weekend.

  • Jaime and I checked out the 2018 Epcot International Festival of the Arts. The weather was “Florida cold” and didn’t rev my engines. I think they’ve made some clever improvements over last year, but there were also some mis-steps. For example, the “Art Walk” crayon rubbing stations. Epic fail. But, to be positive, the food was fantastic. They’re really big into detail now. Check our YouTube channel soon to see the highlights.

  • Finally, I’ve been rocking like a hurricane on Twitter (for me). I haven’t driven any (known) sales off of that either, but I think that might be okay. One skill that self-published, nay, any author must hone is interacting with other people. Rather than make it all about selling books or whatever — and trust me, there are people who just tweet out book announcements on a loop, and little else — how about actually engaging with people?

    I don’t care about “follow for follow” or similar cynical strategies. My approach has been, if I see something interesting, I give it a “like”, because — shocker — I liked the post. I might even comment. We might — gasp! — even have a conversation! Why be a snake in the grass and ruin it by going for the hard sell? YES, I promote my book on Twitter. But not to the exclusion of all else, including my humanity.

    Anyway, check out my Twitter page if you’d like to see what I’ve been up to.

Enjoy your week, everybody!

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