Notes from the Field: February 5 2018

New month = new releases are on the way!

  • Numbers first: 2! That’s how many new releases I am juggling at the moment. The one that’s closest to completion is Arbor, but it’s undergoing revisions and whatnot, making a March 2018 release date (paperback) all the more likely. I just wrote a brand new chapter to help tie up some loose ends, with the express understanding that some ends are meant to remain loose.

    Jaime has begin to read Dead Shot, which has been edited and punched up accordingly as per beta reader feedback received to date.

  • Eagle-eyed reader will notice that the Arbor cover design is officially complete. Here it is in all its glory, now that my valued and cherished email subscribers got to see it first:

    /record needle scratch SFX

    Wait, what? You’re not an email subscriber? It’s free and easy. Just fill out the form at the top of this article (caveat: you have to come over here to the site to see it if you’re using some other means to access this content) and you’re in the club, just like that!

    Okay, NOW here’s the cover:

    ARBOR book cover

  • We made it back to Disney World this weekend and tried out a new place (for us): T-Rex! Despite all appearances it’s a Landry’s restaurant, and they’ve cleverly snuck some Yak and Yeti items onto the menu. The decor was dino themed, and frankly, very cheesy. BUT, looking at the kids walk by in absolute awe of the place tells me it’s not going away anytime soon. So, the food was good, which is a plus for the grown ups. Someday we’ll take the grandkids there. We just have a feeling.

  • Finally, I’m going to do a write-up later this week of how Crossed Out is selling, and what has worked vs what hasn’t. Spoiler: Advertising is not my friend.

Well, steady on then! Here’s to a productive, interesting week!

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