Notes from the Field: December 4 2017

If anyone can tell me how I went from thinking, “One day, I might write a book,” to being on my fifth manuscript in seven months, that would be great.

  • Numbers first: I am just over 10,000 words in to Dead Shot: A Diane Pembrook Thriller, and whoo whee, at the risk of being stuck in a rut in the self-promotion department, I am really excited with how it’s coming along so far. I don’t want to be a fathead, but I’m just saying, I can imagine this getting optioned some way, somehow, for something.If that got your interest piqued, I can tell you that this series directly ties in to the Ana Lode series, like a double helix. To fully understand the Ana Lode side of things, you need to understand Diane’s back story. The two threads collide by way of the Ana Lode series, and I hope to provide double the value in having two characters to invest heavily in, with double the payoff.

    I am planning these like teeth in a zipper: Ana Lode 1, Diane Pembrook 1, Ana Lode 2, Pembrook 2, and so on. I thought maybe there wasn’t enough wind in the sails to drive a solid stand-alone series for Diane, but boy, was I wrong, and that’s a good thing.

  • To that end, astute readers will notice that I changed my blog template again to be more author-friendly. I like to say everything I know about marketing and promotion comes from Disney, but sad to say I’m not as quick on the draw as they are. Now I’m picking up on how to use synergy to define and build my brand as an author. See the top of this post, the blog header, and my Twitter page (Update June 26, 2018: I am no longer on Twitter, with no plans to return to the service) to see how they fit together. I am not changing my personal Facebook account or my YouTube channel as they are out of scope for my author activities. If I make an author Facebook page then yes, I will carry over the consistent branding.
  • Jaime finished reading the initial draft of Crossed Out: An Ana Lode Thriller and giving very good feedback. She went from “what’s all this, then?” from the initial chapter to “I want to read this in one sitting!” in short order. I really, really hope this bodes well for the reading public.08




    (Images snagged from Le Magnifique, one of my favorite movies.)

  • I am going to let the initial draft stew a little before working on the developmental draft. Fortunately, I have no shortage of manuscripts to work on in the meantime.
  • In orher news, we went to the Candlelight Processional at Epcot last week, featuring Matt Bomer as the celebrity narrator. Neither of us had ever been to one, and I found it to be exceptional. I get over Christmas music pretty quickly but I highly recommend this show to everyone to experience at least once.

20K word count in Dead Shot is the next milestone. I’ve got this!

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