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Hey everyone! I’m taking a break from writing for a second to… write.

Another Milestone! As seen on my progress board, A Dangerous and Cunning Woman, the follow-up to Dead Shot has passed the 20,000 word count barrier. Things are getting serious! My newsletter subscribers got an exclusive sneak peek at the work in progress recently. Are you one? If not, use the handy sign-up form at the top of this post. It’s fast, fun, and free! Plus you get a free eBook for joining. Bargain!

What’s the Deal With Diane Pembrook? Glad you asked!

  • Dead Shot just had another record-smashing month of Kindle Unlimited Reads. I was floored with the June numbers, then July happened! I’m very pleased to see more people discovering her story. Big thanks to all my readers, new and established.

  • As for the new book, here is the quickie teaser:

    Diane faces a powerful adversary in her quest to rise through the ranks of the Panther Division.

    That’s all I’ll say publicly for now about the plot details. It’s all very hush-hush (unless you’re a newsletter subscriber) but I will share more details later. Sooner, if you’re a newsletter subscriber. I am incapable of subtlety. Subscribe.

  • If you read Dead Shot and want more Diane Pembrook in your life, haaaave you read Crossed Out? It’s set 12 years later.

How’s the Purity Trilogy Coming Along? Thanks for asking, self! Despite the deceptive word count thermometer, I’m inching closer to 80,000 words. That’s the signal to myself to wrap it up and prepare for the final installment. A November release date is looking highly likely. In the meantime, I need to carve out some time to work up a definitive elevator pitch/synopsis to finally give The Spaces Between Us the marking TLC it deserves and is woefully lacking. Soon!

How’s Weight Watchers Going? I’m down 35 pounds since February 2018. (Did you see my updated author photo?) I did the program unofficially until late June. I’m about to be down 10 of those 35 in the annals of Weight Watchers lore this coming Saturday. I missed it by ONE OUNCE last weekend. Total bull! I’m not going to be denied again.

Well, back to writing again tomorrow. Hope your week is going swimmingly!

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