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Crossed Out

Crossed Out: An Ana Lode Thriller (Published January 2018)

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Betrayed. Left for dead. Back for revenge!

Fifty years in the future, America is coping with the effects of Arbor Day, the most devastating terrorist attack in modern history.

Law enforcement has adapted to the threat posed by Cell-22, a terror network blamed for the attack. Armored patrol officers walk the streets to restore law and order, often with lethal force.

Patrol Officer Second Class Ana Lode earned top marks at the academy, and lives a comfortable yet regimented life as a rising star in the Starling Division. Her world is turned upside-down when she is forced to murder an unarmed civilian and cover up the crime.

When Ana is betrayed by her fellow officers and left for dead, she receives help from an unlikely ally… but can she trust him with her life? Or will she finally be CROSSED OUT?


Arbor (Published February 2018)

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A day like any other…

Crossed Out introduced the Arbor Day attack as a historical event. Arbor puts you in the middle of it.

Three lives are changed forever by the senseless and devastating attack: Carla, a data entry clerk who’d rather be at the beach, William, a warehouse supervisor gearing up for a day of inventory prep, and Suze, visiting her actress friend who stars in a Broadway play.

When the first bombs explode, each will be faced with a different challenge, but with the same goal: Survival!



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