Another Milestone Reached, and Other News

Hello again from mostly cloudy Central Florida! Here’s what’s been happening at this end since my last update:

  • Milestone! As told in the title and featured image for this post, I hit 60,000+ words in the second installment of the Purity Trilogy. A November release appears to be on track. (God willing, creek don’t rise, etc.)

  • How deep is my backstory? I was actually getting teary on my way to work this morning — which is the best thing ever on the tollway at speeds of 70+ MPH — thinking about the scene that put me over the 60K mark. I won’t get into the deep details but I will say the Purity Trilogy has by far my best cast of characters, front to back. The back story for each one, even the minor characters, is roughly as deep as the Mariana Trench. Back when I was on Twitter, there was some novelty post going around to the effect of, “you know you’re a writer when you get emotional over imaginary people.” Well, I guess I’m a writer. The details that came out in this scene really tugged at me and I hope others feel the same way when the book hits the stands.

  • Twitter, what now? Oh, was that a throwaway line? Yes, I am off Twitter with no plans to return. In short, it’s not a good fit for me. Rather than frustrate myself over a situation that frankly won’t improve — save the happy talk please — I’m focusing my energies elsewhere. Mostly writing.

  • Diane #2, what now? Oh, was that a hidden detail in the featured image? Yes, I’m pleased to informally announce that principal writing has begun on the follow-up to Dead Shot: A Diane Pembrook Novel. Sales and Kindle Unlimited page reads are up substantially, and I’m getting the message loud and clear that people want more Diane. I’m very excited about the planned story and hope to share more details soon.

  • But what about Ana Lode? She’ll be back. That’s all I can say anymore. Sorry/not sorry. I’d rather wait and do it right than rush something out I’m not happy with. The way the Diane sequel fell into place while being fresh and progressed the story wonderfully well showed me where to invest my energies up front. I’m looking at a complete re-do of Ana Lode #2 as a result. I will pass along updates as they become available. I appreciate everyone’s patience.

Enjoy your week! Happy reading.

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