Ana Lode Sequel Progress Report + Post Book Launch News

Whew! Lots going on, and so little time to bang out an update. I’ll make it snappy.

Numbers first: I finally cleared the 20K barrier in the sequel to Crossed Out. It has a title, but I am withholding that information until closer to launch as a perk to my email subscribers. If you aren’t one, and feel left out, just use the handy-dandy signup form at the top of this post. You’ll even get a free eBook copy of Arbor when you’re on board!

Writing the sequel has been daunting for many reasons, but the big ones are: 1) It’s hard to do a book launch and juggle everything else and 2) it’s been difficult to get out of Dead Shot mode and go back to being Ana Lode-centric. The mojo is back and all’s well, but it was a slog for a while, I’ll be honest. I’m expecting to launch it in July 2018. No pressure!

Dead Shot Post-Launch News: I was wondering why Dead Shot kept selling in the Australian market (thanks bunches, folks!) and I found out it hit #9 on the Dystopian charts at Holy cow! I’ve been very pleased with how well the book is selling, and if you haven’t read it yet, it’s available in eBook or paperback format exclusively at Amazon, which includes enrollment in Kindle Unlimited. Fun fact: People have read the equivalent of 29 copies of both of my novels since March 1, and about 27 of them were since March 18 when I soft-launched Dead Shot.

Australian book chart

Crossed Out goes to the Library: With thanks again to Lyn, Crossed Out is now available from the Pittsfield (Maine) Public Library. I’m still trying to reconcile that I went from 0 to published author, including a library placement in about 10 months. In my late 40’s, even!

Library placement

Well, back to more writing, and juggling projects! Stay tuned.

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